Research activities focus on student and industry training, technical consulting and applied state-of-the-art technological R&D concentrating on artificial intelligence and system engineering approaches to develop according to roadmap (full software lifecycle, from requirements and specifications to validation and maintenance)

  1. open source software (e.g. see,
  2. industry-level research prototypes and
  3. models, systems and tools integrated in commercial products spanning several important research domains.

Key persons of the AISE lab have more than 200 technical research publications in the above areas in books, prestigious scientific journals and refereed international conferences drawing several hundreds of external citations. An extract of recent influential scientific publications of AISE research staff members in their own areas of endeavor is provided below.

  • M. Coppola, S. Curaba, M.D. Grammatikakis, R. Locatelli, G. Marrucia and F. Papariello, «OCCN: A NoC modeling framework for design exploration», J. Syst. Arch. – Special Issue on Network-on-Chip, Elsevier (North Holland), 50 (2-3), pp. 129—163, 2004.
  • G. Kornaros, «A soft multicore architecture for edge detection and data analysis of microarray images», J. Syst. Architect., 56 (1), pp. 48—62, 2010.
  • E. Marakakis, K. Vassilakis and N. Papadakis, “Meta-rules and uncertain reasoning for diagnosis of epilepsy in childhood”, J. Expert Systems with Applications, 37 (10), pp. 6979—6985, 2010.
  • M. Marakakis, K. Vassilakis and N. Papadakis, “Α tool for removing unused arguments from logic programs automatically”, J. Artificial Intelligence Tools, 19 (1), pp. 39—63, 2010.
  • N. Papadakis and Y. Christodoulou, “A tool for addressing the ramification problem in spatial databases: A solution Implemented in SQL”, J. Expert Systems with Applications, 37, pp. 1374—1390, 2010.